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PutLockerAre you a fan of movies? Do you regularly watch moviy online? If yes then Putlocker is definitely a must try app for you. Even if not, you should give it a try. Putlocker is an online streaming app that let’s you watch millions of movies that you haven’t watched yet. With movies you can find your favourite shows, documentaries etc. This app has a good option out of all the apps of its class. The app is safe to use and the beneficial thing is that you can access its website too.

Features of PutLocker 1.0.8

There are numerous reason you should download PutLocker in your device. Some of them are listed here-

  • This app is free. That would be the most important feature of this app as, on internet we can many apps providing online streaming of movies but most of them comes with a price tag.
  • This app allows you to stream movies, TV shows, documentaries etc on your device.
  • It is safe for downloading in your device and doesn’t infect devices.
  • You will find movies and shows in categorised tiles. This categorisation has been done to make your search more convenient.
  • You can search for your favourite movies online by typing the name in search bar.
  • It shows IMDb ratings.

How to download PutLocker?

The app can be downloaded very conveniently. Just click the download link and enjoy the app on your device.

Download PutLocker

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